Assembled Products Overview

In addition to providing quality conduits, tubing and connectors, Hagitec can assemble your order at the factory, saving your project valuable time and effort.

To order a pre-assembled conduit with connectors from our factory:

Standard Ordering Code:

(Type A) + (Optional B) / (Type C) x (Length D) / (Type E)

  • A = Connector type A
  • B = “X 2” for transmission-type, ‘empty’ for all others
  • C = Conduit type
  • D = Cut length (mm)
  • E = Connector type B


  • The tube will be cut into specified length, de-burred and assembled.
  • Minimum lot: 1 pc.
  • L=500mm and 1000mm are standard lengths
  • Custom lengths available upon request

PICOLOOP Armored Assemblies

Hagitube conduits are also the main component used in the PICOLOOP brand of armored patchcords, cables & assemblies. Please see our PICOLOOP Patchcords, Cables & Assemblies page for more information regarding these pre-assembled optical fiber products.