PICOFLEC Armored Patch Cords

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PICOLOOP fiber and connectors used in combination provide a complete solution with the best possible attention to side pressure, tensile and bending strength, while the thin branching tubes allow installation in minimal space and with a high mounting density.

Features of PICOFLEC:

  1. Optical fiber cable inserted into a protective stainless steel tube, then covered by a sheath of fire-retardant PVC.
  2. Any single or combination of strands can be inserted into a PICOFLEC.
    – Examples include: GI, SM, DSF, MGF, PCF, HPCF, APF, and fiber ribbon.
  3. Branching tubes available in a rainbow assortment of eight colors for color-coding.
  4. Many heavy-duty optical connector varieties available.
  5. Available in lengths longer than 500 meters.

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