How to Order

On this page (quick links):

1. Assembly by users:

  • Please separately order Tube and Connector
  • Minimum order lot for tube: 10m
  • Minimum order for connector: 1

Note: How to put the connector onto KSP-series tubes:

  1. Using a knife, cut PVC 5mm (A) from the edge of the tube
  2. Slit tube, starting at (A) and ending at (B)
  3. Peel off the PVC from the tube termination
  4. Screw the connector onto the tube

Apply small amounts of adhesive between tube and screw connector to enhance strength.

Regarding Adhesion-type Applications:

  • Heat tolerances: –40 ~ +100°C on finished product
  • Adhesive: High Super 5 in this catalog (should be applied at room temperature)

2. Assembly at Our Factory:

Standard Ordering Code:

(Type A) + (Optional B) / (Type C) x (Length D) / (Type E)

  • A = Connector type A
  • B = “X 2” for transmission-type, ‘empty’ for all others
  • C = Conduit type
  • D = Cut length (mm)
  • E = Connector type B

We can provide pre-assembled conduits with the proper connectors & inserts already affixed to the Hagitec conduits or tubes. Please refer to our Assembled Products page for more details and ordering instructions.