Selection and Assembly Instructions for Connectors

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Sensor protection tubes of various lengths.


Screw-type benefits:

  • Easy to screw on and off as needed
  • Suitable for high temperature applications

Adhesion–type benefits:

  • Outer diameter of connector is small
  • Vibration resistant
  • Economical

How to select:

  1. Choose between screw or adhesive-type connector.
  2. Select the head connector according to configuration of sensor unit (screw size x pitch, cylindrical outer diameter) and the outer diameter of the optical fiber or cable.
  3. Refer to the appropriate instruction example and pick the terminal fitting.
  4. Choose tube (select an inner diameter larger than fiber/cable diameter).


Please contact us with the model and type of sensor you want to use if you would like assistance with the selection. We will be happy to assist you. Also contact us if you cannot find the correct connector for your sensor head configuration or require a customized solution.