Product List

Below you will find some of Hagitec’s most popular metal conduits. Most of these conduits can also be manufactured with a variety of resin sheathings providing air-tight or liquid-tight capabilities, and come in a variety of styles and colors. (Please visit the Materials Information page for more information)

Square-Lock Casing Type-A
Casing Tube (KS)

General-purpose, standard stock item, Lightweight, Pliable, Non-stretch, High tensile strength, Resists lateral pressure, Excellent bending characteristics 

Square-Lock Casing Type-A w/ Double Wire
Casing Double Spring Tube (KSWSP)

Stainless steel wire is inserted into the spiral valley of the Square-Lock Type A (Casing Tube) to create a larger bending radius. 

Square-Lock Casing Type-B
Semi-Casing Tube (SKS)

General purpose, Lightweight, Pliable, Better twist resistance than KS-**N 

Interlock Type-A Conduit
Semi-Inter Tube (SA)

Connected more firmly than Square-Lock, Resists lateral pressure, twisting and pulling (in normal use, the interconnects do not come apart), Excellent pliability, Withstands repeated bending, Optimum protection for optical fiber 

Interlock Type-A Conduit with (Double) Wire
Semi-Inter (Double) Spring Tube (SA(W)SP)

Stainless steel wire is inserted into the spiral valley of the Interlock Type A Conduit (Semi-Inter Tube) to create a larger bending radius. Excellent pliability and withstands repeated bending. 

Interlock Type-B Conduit
Semi-Interlock Tube (SX)

Strong interlocking, Resists lateral pressure and pulling, Non-stretch, Large bending radius and rigidity, for optimum protection of quartz-type optical fibers 

Interlock Type-C Conduit
Interlocked Tube (IS)

Maintains its bent form, Non-stretch and manufactured with a cotton thread to prevent fluid leakage., Excellent vibration absorption 

Mono-Coil Tube
Liner Tube (Mono-coil) (L)

No interlockings, but rather a spring-like stainless steel coil, Superior pliability, Resists lateral pressure, Ultra-thin, No limitation on the inner or outer diameter, Normally used with PVC sheathing or stainless steel braiding applied to the exterior to prevent stretching 

Steel-Braided Monocoil Tube
Liner Braid Tube (LB)

Stainless steel braid sheathing on mono-coil, Superior pliability, Non-stretch, Micro-diameter has very small bending radius, Optimum protection for optical fiber and cable 

Stainless Steel Spring Tube
Stainless Steel Spring Tube (SP)

This is a densely-coiled round wire providing spring-like characteristics. When coiled, holding a few wire rods, it can be used as an ultra-flexible wire guide. This product has a high tensile strength and is suitable as an outer support for endoscopic applications in medical and industrial environments. 

Flexible Shaft
Flexible Shaft (FS)

For rotating mechanisms, this product is pliable, yet efficiently transmits torque through the shaft by adhesively coiling incrementally thicker steel or piano wire rods around a central rod in alternating directions (see figure). Hollow type is also available. Does not uncoil from backlash when machine is turned off. Production will be scheduled after receiving order. 

Gooseneck Tubes
Stand Tube (CD), Micro-Stand Tube (MCD), Double Stand Tube (WCD)

Combination of round and triangle rods., Can be bent easily, Holds bent form, Working load can be enhanced by inserting a sub-strength material, Exterior can be improved with metal plating, painting or PVC sheathing 

Corrugated Metal Hose
Seamless Tube (CT)

Air tight, Absorbs vibration, High pressure capabilities, Can be formed as needed, High-pressure strength can be increased with the use of a stainless steel armored braid, Manufactured in specified lengths, Metal fittings can be silver-soldered on request 

Micro-Flexible Annular Hose
Micro-Flexible Tube (MF)

Resists rusting, Withstands pressure, high and low temperatures 

Screw Tube
Screw Tube (S)

Excellent fluid rectification and heat exchange capabilities, Pliable tubing, Increased heat exchange by using ultra-conductive material, Manufactured to customer-specified lengths, Can be manufactured with silver-soldered metal fittings