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Stainless Steel Spring Tube

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Also known as “Stainless Steel Spring Tube (SP)


This is a densely-coiled round wire providing spring-like characteristics. When coiled, holding a few wire rods, it can be used as an ultra-flexible wire guide. This product has a high tensile strength and is suitable as an outer support for endoscopic applications in medical and industrial environments.


As a strain-relief product for medical and industrial endoscopes. Standard material rod diameters (mm): 0.15, 0.2, 0.4, 0.45, 0.5


ID mm (inch)
OD mm (inch)
Wires in bundle
Approx Weight
Max Length one stretch
SP-0.6-1.0-5 0.6 (0.024) 1.0 (0.039) 5
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SP-1.0-1.4-5 1.0 (0.039) 1.4 (0.055) 5
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SP-1.5-1.9-5 1.5 (0.059) 1.9 (0.075) 5
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SP-10-14-5 10.0 (0.394) 14.0 (0.551) 5
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